There's a Place for you this Advent and Christmas Season


Between Two Worlds

Advent/Christmas Sermon Series from

November 28 – December 26

9am & 11am

We are living between two advents: the incarnation and the second coming of Jesus. Advent is all about what was and what is to be, about what has already happened and what has yet to occur. This Advent we’ll explore how we should live in this “in-between.” How do we live in light of Jesus’s ministry while waiting for his expected return?


November 28h: 1st Sunday of Advent

Sermon Title: Looking for the Fig Tree

Scripture: Luke 21:25-36


           December 5th: 2nd Sunday of Advent              

Sermon Title: Repent and Follow

Scripture: Luke 3:1-6

December 12th: 3rd Sunday of Advent

Sermon Title: What Then Should We Do?

Scripture: Luke 3:7-18

December 19th: 4th Sunday of Advent

Sermon Title: Waiting on the Threshold

Scripture: Luke 1:39-55

9am: Advent Sermon, 11am: Christmas Cantata 

December 24th: Christmas Eve

Sermon Title: Salvation from the Margins

Scripture: Luke 2:1-20

5pm service

December 26th: 1st Sunday after Christmas

Sermon Title: The Sounds of Silence 

Scripture: Luke 2:39-52

11am service only

Other Advent and Christmas Opportunities 

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