There's a Place for you this Advent and Christmas Season

Six-Week Advent/Christmas Sermon Series from November 29 – January 3

There is joy in the anticipation, in the waiting for the one who comes, both as we look back and as we lean forward. The joy erupts, not because it will be an easy welcome—there is work to be done and transformation to occur. Our brokenness will come to light, and our healing will stretch our capacity to hope. But the joy is there, because deep down we know that what is coming is what we have been longing for. Who is coming is who we have been longing for. So, join us this Advent, because “Company Is Coming.”


November 29th: 1st Sunday of Advent

Sermon Title: This Place is a Mess!


December 6th: 2nd Sunday of Advent              

Sermon Title: Clean-Up Crew

December 13th: 3rd Sunday of Advent

Sermon Title: Deck the Halls

December 20th: 4th Sunday of Advent

Sermon Title: Waiting on the Threshold

December 24th: Christmas Eve

Sermon Title: Welcoming the Guest

December 27th: 1st Sunday after Christmas

Sermon Title: Enjoying the Company

January 3rd: 1st Sunday after Christmas

Sermon Title: Living the Celebration

Other Advent and Christmas Opportunities 

Pastor's Study

Join Pastor Erik on Sunday afternoons from November 29 to January 3. This Advent and Christmas Study will go into more depth over our series, "Company's Coming". The group will meet Sunday afternoons starting at 4:30pm the Foundations Classroom and through Zoom. To sign-up, please email Pastor Erik at or call the church office. Please indicate when you sign-up rather you plan to join in person or through Zoom. No book purchase necessary. 


Longest Night Service

Sunday, December 20th, 6pm, Sanctuary

Longest Night, is a special service that recognizes the struggles that many people face during Advent and Christmas. The service is often held on or around December 21, the winter solstice or the day with the least amount of sunlight. Often its somber tone evokes the struggles of the holy family – isolation, poverty, even homelessness – that are familiar parts of the story, but are often overlooked. It is a safe space for feelings and experiences that can seem contradictory to Christmas. No matter if 2020 has been a difficult year for you or not, we welcome you to this service to embrace the Spirit of God at work in you and the community. 

Christmas Eve Worship

Thursday, December 24th

Due to COVID-19 and our commitment to do no harm and keep everyone safe, Christmas Eve Worship services will be announced a couple of weeks prior to Christmas Eve. Please check back later for details or call the church office. 

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