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There's a Place for you this Advent and Christmas Season


(Im)possible Advent Series

November 27 - January 1

Prophets are painters. They paint pictures of a time to come when people will be at peace with one another, hope will be made real, and all will shout for joy! Even if that time seems far off, we know it has already begun in Jesus, who is love come down to transform our lives and the world. This Advent season, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we celebrate how he has made possible what once seemed impossible – peace, hope, joy and love! 


November 27: Peace Made Possible | Isaiah 2:1-5
Jesus invites us into a change of mindset, to be agents of peace, offering us a new possibility for relating to others, a way of peace.

December 4: Hope Made Possible | Isaiah 11:1-10
Emmanuel, God with us, gives us hope. When we know God through Jesus, we can have hope that one day all will be restored.

December 11: Joy Made Possible | Isaiah 35: 1-10
God’s deliverance of Israel and of us is cause for joyful celebration, not just human celebration but the celebration of all creation!

December 18: Love Made Possible | Matthew 1:18-25
God shows us unimaginable love by sending Jesus into the world. By choosing to be with us in Christ, God gives us reason to trust that we, too, can love in ways we never dreamt possible. (9am Advent series, 11am cantata) 

Christmas Eve: The Impossible Made Possible | Luke 2:1-20)
Through the gift of Jesus, God makes the impossible – forgiveness and salvation – possible.

4:45PM Caroling, 5:00pm Candlelight Service, Sanctuary 

December 25:  God Found in Impossible Places | Matthew 2:13-23
God can be found in even the least expected places.


Other Advent and Christmas Opportunities 

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