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Reengagement Plan

A Message from Our Health and Wellness Team

Dear Church Family, 

After prayerful consideration of the recommendations made by our bishop, our governmental authorities, our WPFUMC Health and Wellness Team, and seeking to follow John Wesley’s general rules of “Do No Harm. Do Good. Stay in Love with God” our Leadership Board has scheduled the reengagement of in-person worship at the church on July 5th. We know that no matter when we go back to in person worship, there will be some risk involved. Our goal is to mitigated those risks knowing that being together in worship and other activities is essential to our spiritual growth.  

We also realize that some may not be ready to gather in person just yet. Please know that we sincerely respect your decision and will continue to offer quality online worship. For those of you who are ready to consider returning, we offer the following “reengagement plan” as approved by the Leadership Board. We believe if followed, these mitigation measures will reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. Please help us by following these guidelines and ones previously sent out in regards to the church office to ensure the safety and well being of our members and visitors. We thank you for your cooperation!

If you should have any questions, please reach out to one of us. 

In His Service,
Diane Cousins, Chair 
Dr. David Fagan
Teresa Futral
Edmund Glover
Eddie Lanier
Rev. Erik Mays, Pastor
Sherry Pinckard
Bill Slade 

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